Brokerage Services

Carriera Regan is the foremost multifamily advisory team in the Southeast Region. Whether you are in a holding position, or ready to buy or sell, we will assist you in making the best choices at the right time. When a transaction becomes necessary, our well-tested underwriting and transactional services will ensure you achieve or exceed your investment objectives.

Full Broker Opinion of Value

Thorough Underwriting and Analysis

Every property listing we acquire is carefully analyzed by our expert staff of financial and research analysts. By sorting through specific property and market data, we are able to identify areas of financial strengths to highlight and weaknesses to improve upon.

Offering Memorandum – Branding of Your Asset

Marketing and Transaction Timeline

A timeline is designed specifically to meet our seller’s needs and provide a day-by-day guide to our listing and marketing process. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting each scheduled marketing and tour date to ensure an organized and successful transaction.

Professional Photography

Carriera Regan is committed to providing the highest quality of marketing materials for every asset. We utilize outside professionals to take aerial shots as well as interior, exterior, and twilight ground photography that make our listings stand out amongst the competition.

Customized Offering Memorandum

Our marketing materials provide prospective buyers with all the necessary information they need to properly analyze a listing. We include detailed property information, a credible financial analysis, nearby rent comparables, and an overview of the immediate submarket.

Website Listings

Individual website listings are created for every asset through Carriera Regan and Marcus and Millichap, as well as our strategic partnerships with Marcus and Millichap Multifamily Housing groups geographically located throughout the United States. These various website listings provide our buyers with easy accessibility to acquire more information and allow us to keep track of all interested parties.

E-Blast Campaign

A customized e-blast is created for each listing featuring investment highlights and relevant financial data. From our extensive database of investors and buyers, we are able to identify a targeted group of prospective buyers that are most appropriate for your asset. Additionally, we use various national platforms and partner with outside Marcus and Millichap Multifamily Housing groups to distribute our marketing and create an even further reach.

Social Media Posts

Every opportunity we have to increase the visibility of a property listing is valuable. Our social media outlets are another channel to reach our network of professionals.

Weekly Marketing Summaries

Our detailed Marketing Summary is the primary method we use to provide each client a systematic, measurable progress report on how the market is responding to the offering.

Transaction Management

  • Purchase Agreement Negotiation
  • Monitoring of Purchase Agreement Critical Dates
  • Due Diligence Coordination and Oversight
  • Scheduling Buyer and Third Party Inspections
  • Closing Requirements

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