Strategic Analysis Program

How are you proactively growing your equity position?

Carriera Regan is pleased to announce the expansion of our Strategic Advisory Services. Our three-step process can be a valuable contribution to your investment strategy. This program allows you to keep up to date with the market, review an approximate indication of value for your asset, and strategize with local experts on the best way to proceed.

Step 1: Strategic Market Analysis

  • Rent & Sales Comparables
  • Proprietary Submarket Information

Step 2: Strategic Value Analysis

  • Financial Analysis
  • Overall Factors Currently Impacting Your Asset
  • Your Options and Our Recommended Course of Action

Step 3: Quarterly Updates

  • Opportunity to Review the Most Current Market Data
  • Build Upon Your Investment Strategy

We invite you to contact us to begin the process. We will provide you with a clear picture of where your assets stand in the current investment environment and what factors to expect in the near future. Our promise to you is to position ourselves as your primary advisors. We will assist you in achieving your investment goals as effectively as possible. If a capital need arises, we will be ready to step in and facilitate whatever action will serve your best interest.

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